Flip side to the earlier quarterback question

The NFL lockout could heighten the Seattle Seahawks' need at quarterback on one level.

It's also possible a lockout lasting deep into the offseason could make it tougher for teams to justify significant changes at the position. It'll be hard enough preparing for the 2011 season without the usual minicamps or training camps, should a lockout drag on. Breaking in a new quarterback at the last minute would make the task even tougher.

If I'm the Seahawks, for example, do I really want to find a new starting quarterback late in the summer? That would be rough.

As Francis notes via Facebook, this could affect rookie quarterbacks in particular. Good luck getting Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert up to speed for their rookie seasons without meaningful prep time.

Deep breaths are in order. The tough talk between owners and players can make it seem as though this lockout will threaten the season, and it might. But we're not even one business day into the lockout. A lot can change. The courts will have their say. The league could still wind up functioning this offseason.