Beyond those QB Wonderlic scores

There was but one thing to do once ESPN's Chris Mortensen passed along Wonderlic scores for top 2011 NFL draft quarterback prospects.

I wanted to see where these quarterbacks ranked using the 26-27-60 theory. The theory says college quarterbacks have a better chance at NFL success if they've scored at least 26 on the Wonderlic, started at least 27 college games and completed at least 60 percent of their passes.

The formula is not air-tight, of course. It's just a general guide.

With that in mind, I've put together a chart showing that information for the prospects Mortensen mentioned. It's tough finding total career starts in one place, but I patched together numbers using information available in college bios and news accounts. Completion percentages were rounded up using information available from the NCAA.

Five of the eight prospects listed met the 26-27-60 criteria. Two falling below the line -- Cam Newton and Jake Locker -- each fell short in two of the three categories. Blaine Gabbert was one start shy of the target.

I sorted the chart by Wonderlic scores.

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QB Theory: 26-27-60