Carroll: 'We made a run' at Hasselbeck

NEW ORLEANS -- The NFL lockout has left teams helpless, for now, when it comes to upgrading their rosters.

For the Seattle Seahawks, failing to re-sign quarterback Matt Hasselbeck before the lockout means they'll watch him hit the market before getting another shot at re-signing him.

"We made a run at getting it done before the stoppage and just weren't able to work anything out," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said from the NFL owners meeting Tuesday. "As we go forward, Matt has been in our plans the whole time and now that it's in free agency (at some point in the future), we just have to see what happens."

Hasselbeck finished the season strong, playing his best during an upset playoff victory over New Orleans in the wild-card round. His production and health have suffered in recent seasons, however, as the quarterback's supporting cast has deteriorated. Carroll said this wasn't a case of the Seahawks struggling to balance Hasselbeck's recent performance against a broader body of work in determining the right value.

"Financially, we went after it and couldn't get it done," Carroll said. "In my mind, it kind of came right down to the final day of it. We made an effort and they made an effort."