Two words for NFC South: You're welcome

The contract extension general manager Thomas Dimitroff signed with the Atlanta Falcons last month came to mind Monday when another NFC South GM, Mark Dominik, extended his deal with Tampa Bay.

The NFC West should offer hearty congratulations followed by a barely audible "you're welcome" under its breath.

While both GMs found quarterbacks to build around, setting up their teams for success that will transcend schedules, there is also this: Their teams went 8-0 against the NFC West in 2010, compared to 7-5 in other non-division games.

The Falcons were tough against most teams, losing only three times during the regular season. The Bucs went' 4-0 against the NFC West and 6-6 against everyone else.

As the chart shows, NFC East and AFC North teams match up against the NFC West in 2011. The NFC West went 2-2 against the NFC East and 0-0 against the AFC North last season.

2011 NFC West Opponents