Trading up into the third overall spot

Eamonn asks via Facebook what it would take for the Arizona Cardinals to trade up to the third overall pick for a shot at Texas A&M pass-rusher Von Miller.

Mike Sando: We have a couple of tools to help determine price.

The trade-value chart says the Cardinals would have to part with the fifth pick, plus another 500 points worth of picks. Their second-rounder, 38th overall, is worth 520 points. According to the chart, Arizona could trade the fifth and 38th picks to Buffalo for the third overall choice and Buffalo's sixth-rounder, which is 169th overall.

We can also look back to see what other teams paid for the third overall choice:

  • In 1993, the Cardinals sent the fourth pick and running back Johnny Johnson to the New York Jets for the third overall pick, used for Garrison Hearst.

  • In 1998, the San Diego Chargers sent the third and 23rd choices, plus Eric Metcalf and a 1999 first-rounder, to the Cardinals for the second overall choice.

  • In 2000, the San Francisco 49ers sent the third overall choice to the Washington Redskins for the 12th, 24th, 119th and 154th choices. The value chart says the Redskins came out ahead by about 174 points, or the rough equivalent of a third-round selection.

I don't envision Arizona moving up two spots for a pass-rusher. That is easy for me to say, of course, because the percentages are against making such a move. Two teams would have to seek such a deal, then agree upon compensation -- without including veteran players in the deal, should the lockout still be ongoing.

Also, the Cardinals have not traded up in the first round since doing so twice during that 1993 draft. In addition to jumping into the third spot for Hearst, the Cardinals moved up two spots to No. 20 for Ernest Dye.

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