Your thoughts, please: QB draft strategies

We're deep enough into the 2011 NFL draft to know the San Francisco 49ers will emerge with the only meaningful quarterback addition.

Colin Kaepernick, chosen 36th overall, is the only quarterback drafted by an NFC West team to this point (part way through the fifth round). Any quarterback selected from this point forward will project as a third-string prospect, most likely.

The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals both have unsettled quarterback situations. Neither has addressed the position to this point in the draft. Both will likely consider veteran options, perhaps even by trade. Both had multiple chances to select quarterbacks, but both decided otherwise.

Seattle could have selected TCU's Andy Dalton late in the first round. He went to Cincinnati at No. 35, one spot before the 49ers took Kaepernick. Arizona could have selected Ryan Mallett with the 69th overall choice, but he went to New England at No. 74, one pick before Seattle drafted guard John Moffitt. Ricky Stanzi went to Kansas City at No. 135, one pick before Arizona selected fullback Anthony Sherman.

I understand what the Cardinals and Seahawks are thinking. If they weren't going to draft quarterbacks early, they likely weren't going to find difference-makers later.

But I've already heard from quite a few people wondering how these teams could go through the draft without at least trying to land a quarterback. Your thoughts?