Draft impact should diminish for NFC West

NFC West teams held more 2011 NFL draft choices than teams from all but one other division.

Upon closer inspection, however, a disproportionate number of those selections fell in the later rounds. NFC West teams' early selections this year should have far less impact than their early selections last year.

NFC West teams had 13 picks in the first three rounds of the 2010 draft, including six first-round choices and nine of the first 49 selections overall. Those numbers fell to 11 picks in the first three rounds this year, including four first-rounders and seven of the first 47 overall selections.

The extra first-round picks Seattle and San Francisco held made the 2010 draft stand out for the NFC West. Having Sam Bradford as the No. 1 overall choice added glitz and impact.

2011 NFL Draft: Pick Distribution by Division