How to read the Cardinals' QB options

The closer the Arizona Cardinals get to identifying their next quarterback, the muddier the picture becomes for those not privy to the team's plans.

At various points recently, we've seen projections suggesting:

What to make of it all? Rule out Gabbert. The Cardinals selected LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson instead.

The Cardinals are like a quarterback drawing up plays on a whiteboard. They cannot be sure which receiver will come open first, how quickly pressure might develop or from where, what defensive measures their opponents might take, when the game will begin or even the rules under which the game will be governed.

The rest of us know even less.

The Cardinals could pursue any of the other quarterbacks mentioned here, along with others. To continue the whiteboard analogy, they do not have to lock onto one receiver before the game has even begun. Bulger could make sense at a certain price, but what if Hasselbeck suddenly becomes a viable option? What if the market for Kolb is strong? What if it's weak? What if Cincinnati unexpectedly dangles Palmer?

Let's just call this what it is: a fluid situation.