Sixth sense: Colin Kaepernick's challenge

NFL teams selected six quarterbacks among the first 36 choices in the 2011 NFL draft.

That hadn't happened since 1983, when Dan Marino was the sixth quarterback chosen.

The distinction fell to Colin Kaepernick this time. The Nevada quarterback wasn't happy watching NFL teams select five other quarterbacks before San Francisco traded up nine spots to select him 36th overall.

"You want to prove that you should have been the top pick, that other quarterback shouldn't have been taken ahead of you," Kaepernick told ESPN's Colin Cowherd. "To me, I take that kind of personally, that teams thought I was the sixth-best quarterback and not the best quarterback."

Marino, chosen 27th overall in his draft class, fared OK.

The chart lists the sixth quarterback drafted every year since 1999. Kaepernick and Shaun King were the only ones selected higher than 81st overall. Tom Brady was famously the seventh quarterback selected in 2000.

Kaepernick will be trying to defy trends. Not only have the sixth quarterbacks in recent draft classes struggled, but so have most passers chosen in second rounds over the years.

1999-2011 NFL Drafts: Sixth QBs Selected