Hasselbeck and the Seahawks' playbook

The Seattle Seahawks, unlike the San Francisco 49ers, did not distribute a playbook to their unsigned veteran quarterback.

Matt Hasselbeck told 710ESPN Seattle's Liz Mathews he got one anyway, through teammates.

A playbook could help Hasselbeck learn some of the new terminology offensive line coach Tom Cable has brought to the running game.

Hasselbeck was already well versed in the passing game new coordinator Darrell Bevell will be installing when the lockout finally ends. The two were together with Green Bay in 2000, and Hasselbeck spent years in a similar system under Mike Holmgren.

That would put Hasselbeck in position to teach Bevell's passing game to the players who already received playbooks from the team.

Unfortunately for the Seahawks, they cannot be sure whether Hasselbeck will re-sign with the team. And as Hasselbeck has said more than once, relatively few Seattle players have stuck around this offseason, in part because few live in the Northwest and also because massive roster changes have made it tough to know which players will return.

Hasselbeck has been throwing with Justin Forsett and John Carlson this offseason, according to various Twitter accounts. Those players and any others hanging out with Hasselbeck this offseason should emerge with a greater understanding of the concepts Bevell is bringing to the passing game.