Cardinals will pay price for furloughs

Don't bother reaching out to Arizona Cardinals employees next week.

They'll be out of the office -- on furloughs.

As ESPN's Adam Schefter reports, the team will institute long-planned cost-cutting measures that have become common around the NFL during the ongoing lockout.

Teams do not make financial records available available, complicating efforts to find out whether these measures are truly necessary. Some teams could be acting prudently in tough times. Others could be using the lockout as an excuse to increase profits at the expense of their employees.

The Cardinals' measures are not particularly unusual. The New York Jets, for instance, have instituted one-week furloughs every month.

But the Cardinals' long-standing reputation for frugality -- let's face it, they were known as flat-out cheap for decades -- provides context for any cost-cutting measures. These furloughs threaten to reinforce an image the organization has tried to shake since opening a new stadium in 2006.