Quarterly report: Clemons, Hall produce

About those quarter-by-quarter sack numbers discussed here earlier:

  • The St. Louis Rams had at least twice as many fourth-quarter sacks (16) as any other team in the division. Defensive tackle Fred Robbins had four of his six sacks in fourth quarters. Defensive end James Hall had five of his 10.5 sacks in fourth quarters. Those two combined for more fourth-quarter sacks than any other NFC West team.

  • The San Francisco 49ers' Justin Smith had only one of his 8.5 sacks in fourth quarters last season, down from 3.5 in 2009 and three in 2008.

  • The Seattle Seahawks' Chris Clemons had five of his division-leading 11 sacks in third quarters. Clemons and Hall were the only NFC West players with five sacks in any quarter. Seattle's Raheem Brock had 4.5 in second quarters.

  • The Rams' production for 2010 is impressive given that their leading sacker over the past decade, Leonard Little, had transitioned into retirement. Little's 82 sacks since 2001 are easily the most in the division during that span. Chike Okeafor (49.5) is next, followed by Julian Peterson (42), Bertrand Berry (40) and Grant Wistrom (32.5).

The first chart shows team-by-team sack numbers, by quarter.

2010 NFC West Sack Leaders by Quarter (team)

The second chart shows quarterly sack numbers for the five NFC West players with more than six sacks last season. Smith also had one sack during overtime.

2010 NFC West Sack Leaders by Quarter (individual)