On Kyle Orton's viability for Seahawks

Mike from Eugene, Ore., thinks the Seattle Seahawks would be better served considering Kyle Orton over Kevin Kolb among quarterback options, based in part on what K.C. Joyner wrote about Orton in a recent Insider piece.

Mike Sando: The Seahawks aren't attacking the quarterback situation very aggressively. They're building for the long term, focusing on the supporting cast and determined not to force the quarterback situation if there isn't a franchise-caliber option available.

Do Orton and Kolb qualify in the Seahawks' eyes as must-have, championship-caliber quarterbacks? That seems doubtful. I suspect the teams that know those players best would keep them if they viewed Orton and Kolb as being in that class.

For that reason, I doubt the Seahawks will meet any lucrative trade demands for Orton. The team might be more apt to bring back Matt Hasselbeck for another year, or even go with Charlie Whitehurst. Again, I'm sensing no rush from Seattle to patch the situation.

I do think Orton has appeal. He's had a winning record as a starter in every season except for 2010, when Denver fell off sharply. As Joyner points out, Orton is one of six quarterbacks with 20 victories as a starter since 2008. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers are the others.

Orton is 28 years old, seven years younger than Hasselbeck. He's bound to be hungry and motivated if Denver follows Chicago's lead by trading him despite decent production.

Orton has 7,455 yards with 41 touchdown passes and 21 interceptions over the last two seasons. Hasselbeck has 6,030 yards with 29 touchdowns and 34 interceptions over that span. Both were breaking in new coaches with new schemes for franchises in transition.

Joyner supsects that Orton lacks appeal to Denver because Orton is not the next John Elway.

The questions are different for Seattle. Would Orton carry enough value for a team in its formative stages to trade away , say, a second-round draft choice when a true franchise quarterback might be available in a future draft? Would Orton provide enough of an upgrade in the short term to justify such an investment regardless?