Poll: NFC West offensive star power

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald finished fourth in ESPN.com voting for the best offensive players who aren't quarterbacks.

The St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson appeared on one ballot, mine, while no other NFC West players drew mention.

Building upon an earlier item, I'd like to narrow the focus by considering a specific question, as presented in the poll.

Which unestablished NFC West players -- younger players without Pro Bowl acclaim to this point -- will join Fitzgerald in the conversation? I discussed the subject with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. and will revisit it on the blog Wednesday after considering your thoughts as well.

The question can reveal plenty about the raw potential for offenses in the division. It can also reflect the value quarterbacks play in maximizing the talent around them.

The St. Louis Rams' future appears bright with Sam Bradford under center, but the other young players on that offense lack obvious star power. The Seattle Seahawks' Russell Okung could rank among the top couple left tackles, it appears. The 49ers' Michael Crabtree was considered a strong value at No. 10 in the 2009 NFL draft, but he hasn't done much yet.

Punch your ballots and let's pick up the conversation from there.