Whether Haynesworth would fit with Rams

Jae from St. Louis thinks the Rams' need for a defensive tackle should lead them to Albert Haynesworth if the Washington Redskins cut their losses with the disgruntled defensive tackle. The Rams could get him at a discount salary and without trading anything for him, and Haynesworth would have the talent to put their line over the top.

Mike Sando: Haynesworth remains with the Redskins for now, but the NFC East's Dan Graziano was on the right track in reading Jim Haslett's comments as the latest indication Haynesworth does not figure into the team's long-term plans. Haslett, the Redskins' defensive coordinator and former Rams coach, described Haynesworth as obstinate and a general pain in the neck. Graziano has said the Redskins would jump at the chance to trade Haynesworth, but is anyone going to absorb that $5.4 million salary for 2011?

There is no way, under any circumstances, I would acquire that salary. Haynesworth took the payday from Washington and ran straight to the bank. His next NFL employer must sign him to different terms.

Two questions: Would the Redskins release him? Why would the Rams want such a player on their team?

The Redskins had every reason to release Haynesworth last season, but they did not. They have not looked to do any favors for him. Coach Mike Shanahan has used the Haynesworth situation to flex his muscle as the new head coach. He could always decide Haynesworth is no longer worth the trouble, but it seems like he has so far sought to "win" the battle with Haynesworth. No player is going to force his way out of town, in other words. Releasing Haynesworth might qualify as a victory for the player. That is one consideration.

There is no question Haynesworth would fit better in a 4-3 defense such as the one St. Louis is running. Steve Spagnuolo would have a better shot than most at getting more from such a player. He has a strong record as a defensive coach. I would have no problem with a team signing Haynesworth to a low-risk deal without a significant financial commitment. But I also think Haynesworth has proven no team can count on him. The baggage Haynesworth will carry to his next job is problematic. The issues that arose in Washington will arise again at some point in the future.

The Rams know what they want on defense. They have not taken big risks with the types of personalities they've added. Chris Long, Fred Robbins and James Laurinaitis have been steady players. Haynesworth does not fit the mold.