Hasselbeck, Seattle must consider options

Thanks to Jason Wilde from ESPN Milwaukee for the tip-off regarding Matt Hasselbeck's scheduled appearance Wednesday. The audio file is online.

I've transcribed a snipped from the 20-minute conversation below. Hasselbeck's status has not changed during the lockout, of course, but he offered his latest thoughts on possibly returning to the team:

"I definitely am hopeful to be back here, but at the same time, I understand that with a new GM, with a new regime, they sometimes want to go in a different direction. That could happen, too. I am prepared for whatever. Right now, I am just trying to get strong, really improve in some areas on the field and make a big leap this year physically and be ready to play at a high level -- play hopefully the best football of my career.

"Either way, it's a new offense. Darrell Bevell is the offensive coordinator here now. I have been with Darrell in Green Bay. I really like him as a coach. I love the offense he is installing here. If I was in charge of the offense, it is the offense that I would install. That learning curve would be good.

"Either way, it's going to be a pretty new coaching staff. There is a lot of change here in Seattle in terms of the roster. They like to change the roster as much as they can, probably in an effort to get younger. You are going to have new teammates either way. We'll see. I'm open to whatever. I am hopeful to be here, but sometimes those things aren't in your control. Right now, the only thing I can affect is how I train, how I work out and how ready I am once this thing gets lifted."

Hasselbeck has been one of the few to survive the massive roster overhaul that has taken place in Seattle over the past few seasons. The turnover, however necessary in some cases, has made his job tougher. Just as the Seahawks need to consider younger options at quarterback, Hasselbeck needs to consider whether he might fit best elsewhere.

This story will be a compelling one once the signing period finally does open.