Hutchinson, the Hall and solace for Seattle

Just what Seattle Seahawks fans want to read: a piece from NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert analyzing Steve Hutchinson's prospects for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.



I might have to consider a piece asking whether anyone at Renton City Hall near Seahawks headquarters would recognize Hutchinson's many successors at left guard.

If Hutchinson does become a Hall of Famer, however, he'll do so largely for his accomplishments during the best years in Seahawks history, culminating with the 2005 Super Bowl season. Seatte fans stung by Hutchinson's controversial departure through a loophole in the transition tag can take some solace in that if Hutchinson does earn enshrinement -- or even if he does not.

The years Hutchinson spent playing between left tackle Walter Jones and center Robbie Tobeck will surely rank as the most memorable and satisfying of his career. Those Seattle teams won playoff games and developed camaraderie through continuity. Hutchinson has played in three playoff games, winning one, during five seasons with Minnesota. He played in five, winning two, with Seattle. The Seahawks, for all their struggles since losing Hutchinson, own a 3-3 playoff record since his departure.

Hutchinson's seven Pro Bowls and appearance on the all-decade team for the 2000s does put him in the conversation for Hall of Fame status.

As Seifert notes, guards elected to the Hall of Fame often faced extended waits for enshrinement. Larry Allen, who finished his career with the San Francisco 49ers, might rank atop my initial list of the guards listed among Hutchinson's contemporaries. Has there been a more physically dominant guard?