Where NFC West franchises rank

If NFL owners cared only about money and not all the other benefits that come with their standing in the sports world, most of them would sell.

That thought came to mind upon reading through Forbes' latest franchise valuations. All 32 NFL teams showed up in the listing of 50 most valuable sports franchises. The list showed eight soccer teams, six baseball teams, two racing teams and two NBA teams.

NFL Franchise values

Owning any asset worth billions obviously opens doors to credit and other financial advantages. The most lucrative advantage would come from selling, however, and franchises change hands relatively infrequently.

The Rosenbloom family sold the St. Louis Rams in part to deal with estate taxes associated with inheriting the franchise from the late Georgia Frontiere. New majority owner Stan Kroenke was in better position to own and operate the franchise.

Kroenke showed up twice on the Forbes' top 50 list. His Arsenal soccer team ranked seventh with a $1.19 billion valuation. The Rams were 40th at $779 million. The combined value ($1.969 billion) left Kroenke trailing only the Glazer family ($2.89 billion) for total valuation based only on teams appearing among the 50 most valuable.

The chart above shows estimated NFL franchise values by division, based on Forbes' estimates. Stand tall, NFC East blogger Dan Graziano. Now, how about a loan?

The chart below displays estimated values for NFC West franchises. Stadium situations can be key in determining value. The five teams deemed least valuable -- Jacksonville, Oakland, Minnesota, St. Louis and Buffalo -- are playing in less favorable ones by NFL standards.

NFC West Franchise Values