What to make of Seahawks' new offense

Kevin from Austin, Texas likes the Seattle Seahawks' additions on offense and wonders whether the newcomers are as good as advertised. Overall, he's curious to know how well the offense might play this season.

Mike Sando: The Seahawks get high marks for adding two Pro Bowl-caliber players age 25 or younger. Sidney Rice and Zach Miller are more talented than their recent predecessors by a wide margin. No team in the division added young free agents with as much talent as these two possess. I also think rookie right tackle James Carpenter will upgrade the running game from that position. He's massive. Robert Gallery represents an upgrade at left guard.

Moving to add those players made a great deal of sense.

The running game will almost certainly improve. The passing game has greater potential with Rice and Miller.

I'm torn on what to make of Tarvaris Jackson. His mobility will help the offense. His experience in coordinator Darrell Bevell's offense is an asset in the short term. And it's not like Seattle has been getting Pro Bowl-caliber play from that position over the last few seasons. The bar is actually set lower at quarterback than it appears given the misguided tendency to consider Matt Hasselbeck's prime years as opposed to the last few difficult ones.

Overall, I think the offense will improve, but finding a quarterback will remain the top priority in 2012. It'll be fascinating to see whether the Seahawks should have been more aggressive in pursuing a trade for Kevin Kolb. Their decision to ultimately let the Cardinals pursue Kolb unchallenged was a fateful one.