What to know about Adrian Wilson's injury

Points to consider when projecting whether Adrian Wilson will play for the Arizona Cardinals this season despite a torn biceps tendon suffered Saturday:

  • The biceps attaches to the shoulder by two tendons and to the elbow by one tendon. Athletes have an easier time playing through injuries to one of the upper tendons. A complete tear to the lower tendon would almost certainly require surgery.

  • Wilson was seen applying ice near his elbow following the injury, but Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt indicated Wilson plans to play at some point this season. That suggests Wilson suffered a partial tear to the lower biceps tendon.

  • Brett Favre played through an injury to one of his upper biceps tendons. If Wilson suffered a tear to his lower biceps tendon, there's no sense in comparing the injuries, timetables for return, etc. The injuries would not be similar.

  • ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell said circumstantial evidence suggests a partial tear near the elbow, but a firm prognosis would be impossible without more information. Bell: "The notion that he could play, it sounds like it has everything to do with the extent of the damage to the tendon. If he has a partial tear but a strip is torn and they feel he has enough strength, one of the risks is that it could fail completely. It depends on where it is. Do they let it scar for a few weeks where the partial tear is, and hope for the best? Because it is such a thick tendon (near the elbow), it is entirely possible a piece of it has torn and not the whole thing."

Whisenhunt said he expected Wilson to play this season, but he offered no timetable. Wilson told teammates he plans to play in Week 1.