Linebacker David Vobora knows highs, lows

The St. Louis Rams' free-agent dealings at linebacker put incumbents on notice.

David Vobora was the first one affected; the Rams informed him of his release Friday, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

It's been an up-and-down ride for Vobora.

  • Up: Vobora enters the 2008 NFL draft after a standout career at Idaho.

  • Down: Vobora waits through 251 choices without being selected.

  • Up: The Rams make Vobora the last player selected in his draft class, bestowing upon him "Mr. Irrelevant" notoriety.

  • Down: The Rams released Vobora during his rookie season.

  • Up: The Rams brought back Vobora to their practice squad and eventually made him the first Mr. Irrelevant since 1994 to start as a rookie.

  • Down: Vobora tests positive for a banned performance enhancer in 2009, leading to a four-game NFL suspension.

  • Up: Vobora sues the supplement maker and wins a $5.4 million settlement in June, clearing his name.

  • Down: The Rams release Vobora after signing veteran linebacker Ben Leber.

Vobora started 16 games for the Rams over three seasons. Could he return to the team at some point? As Vobora has learned, things change quickly in the NFL.