McDaniels and Jackson's goal-line carries

Play-calling tendencies near the goal line can determine how many scoring chances a running back gets in a season.

Hank Gargiulo of ESPN Stats & Information produced the following notes regarding how Josh McDaniels' hiring as the St. Louis Rams' offensive coordinator could affect goal-line chances for Steven Jackson:

  • McDaniels' Denver Broncos ran 30 of 49 times (61.2 percent) on plays from the opponents' 3-yard line and closer.

  • The league average was 64.4 percent for the games when McDaniels was head coach in Denver.

  • The Rams ran the ball 18 of 43 times (41.9 percent) in these situations since 2009.

Things to consider from football and fantasy perspectives. Sounds like the Rams' running backs might have additional opportunities near the goal line.