Donnie Avery: Positive impression so far

St. Louis Rams general manager Billy Devaney couldn't miss receiver Donnie Avery making plays while Devaney visited with the team's broadcast crew on the air Thursday night.

The timing was perfect. Avery, one of several Rams receivers competing for roster spots, has come on strong since returning from knee soreness during camp.

"Here is Donnie Avery showing up again," Devaney told analyst Marshall Faulk after being asked whether the final preseason game can force a team to keep a certain player. "He's having a helluva game so far."

Devaney also noted that rookie receiver Greg Salas had made a couple receptions.

Avery has two catches for 42 yards during the Rams' game against the Jaguars, which is ongoing. He appeared quick and nimble during a 27-yard reception featuring significant yards after the catch.

Leaving a positive impression in the final preseason game can make a difference.

"It's the last thing on your mind as you go into the final cuts," Devaney said. "You kind of focus on that last game, good and bad. You have to look at the whole game, the practices, the scrimmage, but it is a huge part of that process."