Reading Carroll: On Garrard, Harbaugh, etc.

RENTON, Wash. -- Just finished up with coach Pete Carroll from Seattle Seahawks headquarters. A few related thoughts and observations:

  • No interest in David Garrard: Carroll said the Seahawks are very much set at quarterback heading into the season. They won't change their quarterback situation before the game Sunday and they will not pursue former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Garrard. An injury could obviously change the team's thinking, but there should be no more speculation over the Seahawks' plans at quarterback. They'll go into the season with Tarvaris Jackson as their starter.

  • What Jackson offers: Asked what he learned about Jackson during preseason, Carroll said Jackson demonstrated poise, an ability to communicate calmly and clearly during games and very good throwing accuracy, particularly on the move. Jackson's detractors will question that last part, for sure, as well as the Seahawks' overall approach to the position. Carroll does not seem to care, at all. Carroll: "The poise is there and the kind of mentality that you like to see in a guy was evident. I think our players sensed it. I think our players have really picked up on that and I think that is why they chose him captain. They can feel what kind of competitor he is."

  • Harbaugh-Carroll fallout: Carroll quickly and strongly addressed a suggestion there was "obvious frustration" with San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh when Harbaugh, then at Stanford, famously went for a two-point conversion against Carroll's USC team despite holding a commanding late-game lead at the time. I think there's obvious frustration with repeated questions about the matter. Carroll: "There was no frustration. The media said that. The guy on the other sideline gets to do whatever he wants in any situation and I have no problem with whatever. It doesn't matter to me. I'm not one of those guys that reacts and is going to gripe about how a guy played a game or coached a game in the fourth quarter. I've been in so many of those situations where people think you are running the score up or you're not playing your guys to run the score up to get recognition in polls and all that. A guy gets to do whatever he wants. Nothing fazes me about that."

  • Injury update: Left guard Robert Gallery (knee) and receiver Sidney Rice (shoulder) will not practice Wednesday. Other injured players, including running back Marshawn Lynch and linebacker David Hawthorne, will be back at practice. It's clear the Seahawks wanted Lynch to enter the season with fresh legs.

Need to wrap this up here. My chat window begins at 4 p.m. ET.