Dockett: Seahawks 'soft as cotton' on road

SEATTLE -- This Week 3 matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals was notable for the bad blood spilled throughout.

Play after play, and often after the play, these NFC West rivals went after one another until Seattle prevailed, 13-10, at CenturyLink Field. The scuffling carried well past the whistle, with Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett landing one last shot, this one verbal, from the visiting team's locker room.

"They were doing the traditional stuff they do here," Dockett said. "Then when they go to Arizona, they usually soft as cotton. Today, they wanted to play hard in front of they home crowd. We knew what to expect."

Seahawks center Max Unger in particular went after Cardinals nose tackle Dan Williams, who appeared to throw a punch in retaliation at one point. Two years ago, and much to the chagrin of then-Seahawks coach Jim Mora, Seattle's offensive line failed to retaliate after Dockett appeared to strike Matt Hasselbeck in the throat area with an elbow after the whistle.

The Seahawks had four new starting offensive linemen for this game. Unger was the lone holdover from 2009. He repeatedly downplayed the confrontations with Dockett and wouldn't elaborate beyond a "yeah" when asked whether Seattle needed to stand up to any bullying.

"We're trying to mature as a line," he said.