Bradford: Ankle stable, pain tolerance key

One comment stood out most from St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford's interview session Wednesday.

"From everything I understand, the joint is stable, so it is going to be about my pain tolerance and how much I can tolerate on Sunday," Bradford said of his sprained left ankle.

The Rams' medical staff will ultimately determine whether Bradford is cleared to play, but that comment from Bradford, backed by an earlier report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, suggest Bradford would have to suffer a setback in practice to miss the team's game at Dallas in Week 7. Bradford is not expected to practice before Friday.

Bradford is also looking forward to playing in Dallas, only a few hours' drive from his Oklahoma City roots.

"I would hate to get tickets for people to watch me stand on the sideline," Bradford said, "so hopefully I’m getting tickets for people that are going to see me play."