Video: 49ers' Patrick Willis on E60

E60: The Good Life, Patrick Willis (12:25)

E:60's Jeff Chadiha returns with 49ers LB Patrick Willis to the rural Tennessee hometown where the four-time Pro Bowler's harrowing journey began. (12:25)

Passing along: the video accompanying Jeff Chadiha's piece on Patrick Willis.

"San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis, perhaps the best linebacker in the NFL, just bought a house. Big deal?" the caption beneath the video reads. "It is for Willis, who grew up in an abusive household bereft of what many of us take for granted -- no running water, no electricity and, worst of all, no compassion. Forced at an early age to be a leader and fend for himself and his siblings in the face of beatings and neglect by an abusive father, Willis eventually settled in with a foster family that helped turn his life around and bring him to where he is now. Finally, his mission to find a place to call home just might have ended."