What to do with Whitehurst, Jackson

The St. Louis Rams have formally ruled out Sam Bradford for Sunday, as expected, leaving the Seattle Seahawks with the only unsettled quarterback situation heading into Week 8.

Tarvaris Jackson practiced well enough for the team to list him as questionable nearly three weeks after Jackson suffered a pectoral injury on a quarterback option play.

Thoughts on potential options:

  • Starting Jackson: Seattle is 2-4 and needs to win its home game against Cincinnati to keep alive realistic hopes within the division, assuming San Francisco generally stays on course. Jackson is the starter if healthy, and Whitehurst showed why during a dreadful performance at Cleveland. If Jackson gives the Seahawks their best chance at winning and he's healthy enough to practice, the team needs to play him, right? Naming Jackson the starter under these circumstances would stand more as a reflection of Jackson's availability than as a repudiation of Whitehurst.

  • Starting Whitehurst: Whitehurst still has only three starts on his resume, one this season. He had previously shown at least marginal improvement each time he played. Jackson is not yet 100 percent, so why risk losing him for a longer period? Besides, with key players returning from injury, including tight end Zach Miller, Whitehurst figures to play better this week, particularly at home. The team could always let Whitehurst start this game, then reassess based on how the game plays out. Jackson could come off the bench if needed. Under that scenario, making an in-game quarterback change away from Whitehurst would carry a sense of finality. That's OK, however. The team needed to learn more about Whitehurst this season, anyway.

The Seahawks have made available coach Pete Carroll's post-practice video.

"Tarvaris had his best day in the last couple weeks and threw the ball well," Carroll said. "We'll take it to the next couple days and see where we are, but that is a very good sign. He felt the best. He got the most work. Charlie had all of the lead work and he is ready to start the game."