What Kevin Kolb faces upon his return

Kevin Kolb's expected return to the Arizona Cardinals' lineup comes as the team prepares to face teams with relatively strong pass defenses.

The chart shows the defensive rankings for the Cardinals' remaining opponents in yards per game, passing yards per play, interception rate, sacks per pass attempt, third-down percentage, points per game, NFL passer rating allowed and Total QBR allowed.

The Cardinals' offense ranks 30th in Total QBR this season. Kolb ranks 32nd out of 35 qualifying quarterbacks in that category.

Teams finishing games with higher QBR scores than their opponents have won 84.1 percent of games this season and 86.2 percent since 2008. The percentages are 76.7 percent this year and 79.0 percent since 2008 for teams finishing games with higher NFL passer ratings.


NFL Defensive Ranks for Cardinals' Final Five Opponents