NFC West cleaned up on Eagles this season

NFC West teams have gone 3-1 against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

That's something most of us wouldn't have anticipated heading into the season.

Dan Graziano's piece on the NFC East blog looks at how that division has fared against the NFC West this season. The Arizona Cardinals' home game Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys stands as the last game between the divisions. The Cowboys are 3-0 against the NFC West.

Last season, the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers padded their records by going a combined 8-0 against this division. NFC West teams are 3-1 against the NFC South this season.

ESPN's NFL standings by division are worth a look. NFC West teams are 4-7 against the AFC North, 1-2 against the NFC North and 6-9 against the NFC East. The Rams have gone 0-4 against the NFC East.


2011 Non-division Records