Moffitt's suspension costs money, not starts

What to know regarding the four-game NFL suspension levied against Seattle Seahawks guard John Moffitt:

  • The league, in announcing the suspension, classified the drug as performance-enhancing.

  • Moffitt's agent said the drug was consistent with those used to treat hyperactivity, according to Danny O'Neil, and Moffitt apparently did not get clearance from the league.

  • Players often blame positive tests on misunderstandings or worse, and sometimes they are right.

  • The league holds players responsible for what goes into their bodies.

  • Moffitt is on injured reserve, so he cannot play this season anyway.

  • The four-game suspension begins now and will end after Week 17.

  • The suspension will require Moffitt to forfeit his pay for the remaining four games of the season. Moffitt's salary for the season was $375,000. Players get paid weekly over 17 weeks. Moffitt will lose four-seventeenths of his base salary. That works out to $88,235.29 in this case.

  • A second positive test would result in a minimum eight-game suspension.

I'll update with additional details.