Mike Sando's MVP Watch

Rob Gronkowski has scored at least two touchdowns in five of the Patriots' 12 games this season. Charles LeClaire/US Presswire

It seems excessive to have three New England Patriots on the MVP Watch.

Could be that dreaded East Coast bias, except the MVP Watch guy (yours truly) is a West Coast lifer and the NFC West delegate to the ESPN blog network.

Tom Brady certainly belongs on the list. The case for Brady's top receiver, Wes Welker, is an easy one to make. What's one more Patriot?

Tight end Rob Gronkowski appears in the No. 10 spot this week for two basic reasons.

One, he's been phenomenally productive. Gronkowski has scored nine of his 14 touchdowns this season over the Patriots' past five games. New England is 4-1 during that stretch and 9-3 overall.

Two, some of the other viable candidates aren't so viable at this point in the season. Matt Forte's injury likely removes him from the discussion. Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions have cooled considerably over the past month.

Still, even AFC East blogger James Walker thought three Pats were too many.

"They're not undefeated," Walker said. "Gronkowski and Welker are both stellar, but between the two, I would choose Welker by definition of 'most valuable.' The Patriots would do fine on offense with Aaron Hernandez starting at tight end."

Walker wasn't quite finished.

"Maybe Tim Tebow should be considered at No. 10 for what he's doing in Denver," he added.