NFL run-pass ratios for red zone and closer

Sam Bradford's return to practice Saturday gives the St. Louis Rams some hope heading into their game against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night.

Backup A.J. Feeley is all but out. The other quarterbacks, Tom Brandstater and Kellen Clemens, have limited experience.

Getting Bradford back on the field would help the Rams' offense even though he has struggled. I'll be watching to see whether the Rams lean more heavily on Steven Jackson, particularly near the goal line. Bradford ranks no better than 30th in Total QBR in the red zone and in goal-to-go situations.

The chart ranks NFL teams by highest percentage of running plays from the opponents' 10-yard line to the goal line. Some of the teams ranked near the bottom have good reason to throw frequently. They have top quarterbacks and refined passing games. Others could seemingly benefit from developing their ground games in that area of the field. I've included another column showing percentage of running plays in the red zone, a theme I'll revisit in a post featuring five things to watch Monday night.


2011 Running Percentages, 10-yard Line and In