Cards, Seahawks could both make playoffs

Tis the season for NFL playoff scenarios.

We know the San Francisco 49ers are headed to the postseason as NFC West champs. We know the Arizona Cardinals or Seattle Seahawks remain in the wild-card hunt.

I did not know the Cardinals and Seahawks could both qualify for the playoffs, but a Cardinals fan I know, Rick, sent an ESPN Playoff Machine scenario showing how it could happen. Three NFC West teams in the postseason? Now that would work for me.

Under this scenario, the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears would go 1-2 the rest of the way, finishing at 8-8. The Atlanta Falcons would lose out to join them at 8-8.

Arizona would go 9-7 and Seattle would go 8-8. The Seahawks would win a tiebreaker over the 8-8 Bears based on head-to-head results after Chicago eliminated Detroit based on superior conference record. Seattle would win tiebreakers over Atlanta and Dallas based on conference record.

Look, do I think this is going to happen? Of course not. But we can dream.