Some shocking goal-to-go passing stats

Goal-to-go passing stats have their limitations simply because quarterbacks have relatively few attempts in those situations.

That is why I wouldn't read too much into the NFL passer rating or Total QBR stats listed for NFC West quarterbacks in the chart below.

For example, Kevin Kolb's QBR score lags in part because he took a sack on third-and-goal from the 7 at Baltimore. Kolb had very little time to throw on the play because Ravens pass-rusher Terrell Suggs beat Cardinals tackle Levi Brown so quickly. That one negative play carries greater weight in the QBR calculations than given the small number of goal-to-go plays for Kolb.

I do find some of the numbers telling, however.

Check out Sam Bradford's 6.3 percent completion rate for the St. Louis Rams. He has completed only 1 of 16 attempts in goal-to-go situations, worst in the league by more than 10 percentage points among 50 players with at least one attempt.

New Orleans' Drew Brees has 15 touchdown passes on 32 goal-to-go attempts, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers has 14 touchdowns on 36 goal-to-go passes. New England's Tom Brady has similar numbers (14 touchdowns, 37 attempts).

Despite the Rams' struggles, they repeatedly passed in goal-to-go situations during their 30-13 defeat at Seattle on Monday night.

As discussed previously, they entered Week 14 with the NFL's second-lowest run-to-pass ratio on plays inside the opponent's 10-yard line. Seems like a team with Steven Jackson would lean on the run a little more in those situations. Jackson has seven carries for 7 yards and four touchdowns in goal-to-go rushing situations this season.

2011 NFC West Goal-to-go Passing