XTRA910 audio: NFC West Week 16

The earlier item on the Seattle Seahawks' and San Francisco 49ers' head coaches praising their quarterbacks generated a quick response from an Arizona Cardinals fan.

"Didn't see anything about John Skelton," Facebook friend Matt wrote.

My response: "The last time Ken Whisenhunt heaped praise upon a QB was for Matt Leinart."

Of course, Seattle's Tarvaris Jackson and San Francisco's Alex Smith have given their coaches reason to praise them. That wasn't the case as much with Leinart.

Back to the current quarterback situation in Arizona. Dan Bickley, Mike Jurecki and I covered that ground during our latest conversation on XTRA Sports 910 AM in Phoenix.They asked whether I would start Kevin Kolb or John Skelton if both were healthy. Kolb is not perfectly healthy, of course, and for that reason, I'd probably stick with Skelton to see if he can build on his strong fourth-quarter and overtime showing against Cleveland in Week 15.

Whisenhunt has generally believed in conditional love at the position. He's not into anointing people at any position. To my recollection, the praise he did direct Leinart's way stopped short of calling Leinart a Pro Bowl talent or quarterback of the future.