What Colts' victory does to NFL draft order

Thomas McKean of ESPN Stats & Information passes along the following information regarding 2012 NFL draft order in light of the Indianapolis Colts' victory over the Houston Texans on Thursday night:

  • The Colts (2-13) would pick first right now, followed by the St. Louis Rams (2-12) and Minnesota Vikings (2-12).

  • Teams with the easiest strength of schedule "win" tiebreakers to pick higher in the order. The Colts have the easiest strength of schedule among the three at .547, followed by the Rams (.566) and Vikings (.587).

  • The Colts' strength of schedule will get worse after playing Jacksonville, while the Rams' strength of schedule will improve after facing Pittsburgh and San Francisco to end the season. The Vikings finish against Washington and Chicago.

Things to keep in mind as the last couple weeks of the regular season play out.