Big jump for NFC West outside division

Week 17 features only division games in the NFL. That means we now know final non-division records, a subject of interest for NFC West fans weary of hearing about just how bad the division has been in recent years.

NFC West teams went 18-22 overall outside the division, tied with teams from the AFC West for the sixth-best (second-worst) record. The AFC South owns the worst non-division record by far.

Teams from the NFC West went 7-9 against the NFC East, 6-10 against the AFC North, 2-2 against the NFC North and 3-1 against the NFC South. The San Francisco 49ers were 8-2 outside the division, losing only to Dallas and Baltimore in non-division games.

The NFC West's 18-22 record in non-division games marks a five-game improvement from last season, when teams from the division went 3-13 against the NFC South. The St. Louis Rams' two victories this season were against New Orleans and Cleveland.


2011 NFL Records Outside Division