2012 NFL draft order through NFC West

The St. Louis Rams (second overall) and Arizona Cardinals (13th) know their places in the NFL draft order for 2012. The Seattle Seahawks know they'll pick 11th or 12th pending a coin flip to break a tie with Kansas City.

That was the major fallout from Arizona's 23-20 overtime victory over Seattle in Week 17.

Strength of schedule plays a leading role in breaking ties for draft order. Had the Seahawks won Sunday, Arizona would have picked 11th without needing a coin toss. But Seattle would have picked closer to the middle of the round or slightly later, depending on shifts in strength of schedule and how the Sunday night game between Dallas and the New York Giants ended.

That means the Seahawks had more to gain than Arizona from losing in Week 17.

NFL teams generally break draft-order ties with coin tosses held at the scouting combine in late February.

The chart shows what we know about 2012 draft order through the NFC West picks. Thanks to Jeremy Mills of ESPN Stats & Information for providing the breakdowns.

2012 NFL Draft Order Through NFC West: Pending Coin Tosses