Checking in with Todd Haley on Cardinals

Passing along: audio for Craig Shemon's Yahoo interview with former Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

Haley touched upon the possibility of returning to the Arizona Cardinals, where he was offensive coordinator before taking over in Kansas City.

"The Cardinals, I love," Haley said. "The Bidwills, Michael Bidwill and Mr. Bidwill, have been nothing but great to me. Kenny Whisenhunt has been nothing but great to me and gave me a great opportunity that I was able to expand on. I love a bunch of the players that are still there and they mean a lot to me."

Haley then said he was "trying to decompress" from his head coaching tenure and would be eager to "move forward when it is time" to do so. He was not specific about possibly rejoining the Cardinals.

Separately, Haley said he was interested in seeing how a young team such as the San Francisco 49ers would handle having a bye week. He said extra time can be the "worst enemy" of coaches because too many ideas creep into their heads. He mentioned the extra week Arizona had in preparing for its Super Bowl appearance against Pittsburgh, though it wasn't clear whether he thought the extra time worked against the Cardinals.