Faulk skeptical of Brian Schottenheimer

INDIANAPOLIS -- Count Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk among those skeptical of the St. Louis Rams' switch to Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator.

What will the switch mean for the Rams and quarterback Sam Bradford in particular? About four seconds passed between the question and Faulk's answer from Super Bowl media day Tuesday. Schottenheimer, hired after a six-year run with the New York Jets, will implement coach Jeff Fisher's broader vision for an offense that runs the ball well and protects the quarterback.

"I don't think there was a huge difference between how the Jets' offense looked and how the Rams' offense looked," Faulk said.

In terms of production? Scheme?

"Period," Faulk said. "You can take that how you want to."

The Jets ranked 25th in yards per game last season. The Rams were 31st. The Jets were 13th in points scored. The Rams were 32nd.

"If Schottenheimer is going to reinvent himself," Faulk said, letting the thought die. "You don't get it any better than Shonn Greene, L.T. [LaDainian Tomlinson], Plaxico [Burress] and Santonio [Holmes] and [Dustin] Keller. And now he is going to a team that doesn't have a No. 1 receiver. Steven Jackson probably has 4-5 more years in that body. Lance Kendricks, a good tight end who dropped the ball a lot last year, and that surprised me after watching him in preseason. And a young quarterback in Bradford who I hope didn't get beat up too much to take away from who he really is."

Faulk serves as a TV analyst for the Rams' preseason games. Skepticism is usually warranted. The Rams had reason for excitement entering last season, but none of it translated to the field. Some of the dynamics with the Jets were unusual and beyond a coordinator's control, however. Those dynamics surely affected the product on the field.