Webster: Hasselbeck showed his value

INDIANAPOLIS -- That was former Seattle Seahawks executive Ruston Webster lauding former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck on Thursday.

"His ability to work with the receivers and really his ability to command an offense and manage a game and get the ball to the right people without zeroing in on one guy, I think was huge," Webster, now the Tennessee Titans' general manager, said of Hasselbeck, now the Titans' quarterback, from the scouting combine.

Webster was particularly impressed with how Hasselbeck handled losing top receiver Kenny Britt to injury.

"As you know, he's the master at the line of scrimmage and changing plays and doing all those kinds of things, and so he just, I felt like, gave us a chance even without our top playmaker in there," Webster said.

The Titans plan for Hasselbeck to compete with Jake Locker for the starting job in 2012.

We've long since moved past debating whether Seattle should have held onto Hasselbeck. That discussion has played out. I'm passing along Webster's comments merely as an update regarding a couple guys with NFC West ties.