Cards: Updates on Campbell, QB situation

INDIANAPOLIS -- Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves just passed through. Jim Harbaugh is within minutes of hitting the podium.

It's an NFC West free-for-all, with no time to catch up -- at least yet.

Graves, the Arizona Cardinals' general manager, said he thought the team would get a long-term deal with defensive end Calais Campbell. Graves chooses his words with care and tends to speak broadly. He called discussions "fruitful" and struck an optimistic tone, I thought.

Graves, mindful of speculation that the Cardinals could pursue Peyton Manning, said he thought the Cardinals were pretty much set at quarterback with Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

"I think we are," he said.

Graves added the usual disclaimers about always wanting to upgrade at all positions. But he did not go out of his way to suggest the status quo could change.

Whisenhunt, now entering his sixth season as the Cardinals' head coach, said the team had not even discussed the $7 million bonus payment due Kolb on March 17. The overall tone from Whisenhunt and Graves did nothing to fuel Manning speculation.

According to Whisenhunt, Skelton would be competing to unseat Kolb as the starter.