Wrapping up Saturday with Brock Osweiler

INDIANAPOLIS — A few quick thoughts on Brock Osweiler after the Arizona State quarterback passed through Lucas Oil Stadium's media workroom:

  • He wants to own the height issue. Most NFL quarterbacks fall between 6-foot-2 and 6-6. Osweiler measured 6-6 and seven-eighths, a height that could suggest diminished athleticism. Osweiler dismissed comparisons to Dan McGwire. Osweiler: "I don't think there has ever been a quarterback who was 6-7, 240 pounds and had the athleticism that I do and can make every throw on the football field. I ignored all those comparisons and just played football the way I was taught to."

  • The basketball analogies hold up. Osweiler reneged on a basketball commitment to Gonzaga when choosing to play football at Arizona State. Osweiler: "In basketball, to be a successful player, you have to have great footwork. Obviously, as a quarterback in the pocket, to evade rushers and blitzers and get the ball off, you have to have great feet. Basketball, as far as the footwork, has definitely transitioned over to my football game, as well as the vision. On the basketball court, you can be pushing it up the court and bringing it up on the side and you have to see somebody off to the corner and make a throw down the lane. Same thing as playing quarterback. You are sliding in the pocket and looking for alleys to get the ball down the field."

  • Mechanics in mind. Osweiler said he continually works on his delivery: "We've been focusing a lot on making sure that my elbow is constantly above my shoulder, that I’m following through and using all the torque that I have with my big frame."

  • Inexperience works against him. Osweiler's stated mission at the combine is to convince teams 15 college games was enough to prepare him.

  • Spread offense concerns. NFL teams are assuming more spread tendencies, perhaps taking the edge off concerns over how college prospects will adapt to pro-style offenses. Osweiler: "Playing in a spread offense that throws the football a lot, I think it teaches you to manage the football game because the ball is in your hands to make a play 90 percent of the time. Even in the run game, you have having to make decisions on the fly."

Osweiler has a pro day workout March 30. He's resting a foot injury at the combine and will not participate in workouts while in Indianapolis. He's a quarterback to keep in mind for Seattle after the first round.