Warner: Saints hit legal, not career-ending

Kurt Warner, speaking Friday on Sports 620 KTAR, used the word "disappointing" to describe allegations that the New Orleans Saints organized bounties for knockout hits on opposing players.

But the former Arizona Cardinals quarterback said he wasn't surprised. He also said the hit Saints defensive end Bobby McCray delivered to knock Warner out of a playoff game at New Orleans two years ago was legal, and had nothing to do with Warner's decision to retire.

"To think that guys didn't think, 'Hey, we'd love to knock Kurt out or we'd love to knock Brett Favre out, or Drew Brees -- or whoever it might be -- I think that's part of the game and I think that's part of the mindset," Warner said.

Warner described McCray's blindside block during an interception return as a "nice exclamation point" on Warner's career, and one that left him sore for a couple of weeks. But Warner also said his decision to retire had been in the works for some time.

Update: Warner also spoke with XTRA Sports 910 AM. That audio is here.