Where Seahawks stand with Flynn, Henne

The Seattle Seahawks did not rush into NFL free agency determined to land a quarterback at any cost.

Unable to get Peyton Manning's attention to this point, they appear comfortable letting a soft quarterback market come to them. Matt Flynn (Green Bay) and Chad Henne (Miami) are two free agents the team plans to meet with later in the week, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports.

Neither Flynn nor Henne appears likely to receive starting money from the team. Both would presumably compete with incumbent Tarvaris Jackson if brought onto the roster.

Free agency opened amid questions about how the NFL would value Flynn. With teams awaiting a decision from Manning, the market could be suffering from paralysis. But if Flynn were viewed universally as a franchise quarterback, the Packers might have traded him a year ago or named him their franchise player to facilitate a trade this offseason.

The Seahawks showed last offseason a reluctance to commit starting money to an unproven quarterback. That explained why they were content watching Arizona acquire Kevin Kolb from Philadelphia and hand him a $10 million signing bonus. A year later, Kolb remains unproven while the Cardinals, having already invested $12 million in Kolb, decide whether to pay him another $8.5 million in salary and bonuses for the upcoming season.

Quarterbacks often have more value before teams have seen them play extensively. That was the case with Kolb last offseason. It could be the case with Flynn. Henne, meanwhile, has played enough for teams to realize he probably isn't a long-term solution. He has 31 touchdowns, 37 interceptions and a 13-18 starting record, all with Miami.