Fisher wants more prep time for Bradford

NFL players won lifestyle concessions from team owners during the most recent labor negotiations.

Some of those concessions aren't sitting well with first-year St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

"We would love to have our quarterback upstairs and get him involved in the system as he would like to be up there," Fisher said during a news conference Wednesday, "but we can't have him in the building."

In an effort to buy players relief from ever-shrinking offseasons, rules went into place preventing coach-player prep sessions until April 16. That means Rams quarterback Sam Bradford cannot study a playbook or consult with coaches on schemes in the interim.

"In a quarterback-driven league, it would make sense that you could at least be given an opportunity to develop your quarterbacks or meet with them during the offseason," Fisher said. "Hopefully, these things will be revisited. Again, I’m not being critical of the new collective bargaining agreement; I’m just saying that’s the biggest change that I notice from 2011 until now."

Fisher said the April 16 start date "doesn't make any sense" because teams are focused on draft preparations at that time.

The Rams are better off this offseason than last, when a lockout prevented meaningful prep time until July. Newly-signed players could not practice until Aug. 4.

Bradford and the Rams should be better prepared for the 2011 season as they install new schemes on both sides of the ball.