On the clock: Surprise team from NFC West

ESPN's Trent Dilfer played for the Seattle Seahawks years ago, but he had serious questions about them last offseason.

Dilfer criticized their 2011 draft class, specifically the decision to draft offensive lineman James Carpenter over quarterback Andy Dalton.

But with fifth-round cornerback Richard Sherman emerging as part of a strong Seahawks secondary, Dilfer has pointed to the Seahawks as a potential surprise team in 2012.

Dilfer, Chris Mortensen and Mel Kiper Jr. focused on several other potential surprise teams in the "On the clock" video above. Dilfer explained his thinking on the Seahawks later in the segment. He likes Matt Flynn's addition and Seattle's ability to play pass coverage.

Quarterback perceptions can be volatile.

In my view, negative perceptions regarding Kevin Kolb have made it easier for analysts to discount the Arizona Cardinals' 7-2 record to finish last season. The feel was quite different last offseason, before Kolb had played for the team and struggled.

2011 Seahawks Draft Class