2012 Seahawks schedule: Simple requests

A few simple requests for the Seattle Seahawks amid expectations the NFL will release its regular-season schedule Tuesday:

2012 Seahawks Road Trips

  • Trips to Miami and Carolina would be best scheduled for later in the season, when hot temperatures have subsided in the South. I can recall the Seahawks melting during Week 1 road defeats to Miami (2000) and Jacksonville (2005).

  • The weather requests work in reverse, too. Trips to Buffalo and Chicago would be best scheduled for early in the season, before frigid temperatures turn those cities into ice boxes. The Seahawks did win a December game at Chicago last season, when conditions were tolerable (39 degrees, sunny, light winds) and the Bears were without quarterback Jay Cutler. Then again, if the Seahawks remain strongest running the ball and playing defense, they might be better suited for cold-weather games.

  • The chart shows Seattle with its usual list of long road trips. Remember when the New England Patriots complained to the NFL after facing cross-country road games in consecutive weeks a few seasons back? Well, Seattle will not want to experience back-to-back road games against the Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Bears or Rams. Every one of those trips is at least 1,700 air miles each way. Using the bye week to break up long trips would make sense.

  • Fewer earliest possible kickoffs, please. Seattle played five games at 10 a.m. PT last season. The Seahawks actually won two of them, but teams traveling West to East have long complained about the challenges associated with playing so early. They would much rather play later no matter how well certain Western teams have fared in these games at various times.

  • Consider home games against the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers for prime time. The 49ers-Seahawks game in Seattle last season was an extremely intense, physical battle -- a showcase for how much tougher NFC West defenses were becoming. Seattle's game against Green Bay game would be a natural draw if ex-Packer Matt Flynn is starting at quarterback for the Seahawks, as expected.

Note: The chart shows the Seahawks' road games. The schedule also features home games against the Cardinals, 49ers, Rams, Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and New York Jets.