Video: Developing rapport with Winslow

Kellen Winslow put together another solid stat line for Tampa Bay last season with 75 receptions, the fourth time in six seasons he had hit that mark.

Josh Freeman to Kellen Winslow

Winslow, acquired by the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, would shatter single-season team records for tight ends if he approached those numbers in 2012.

For some reason, however, Winslow's production last season wasn't as efficient. His quarterback, Josh Freeman, threw five times as many interceptions as touchdowns when targeting Winslow. Freeman threw more touchdowns than interceptions when targeting other players.

The charts come from John McTigue of ESPN Stats & Information.

2011 Freeman by Target

Winslow and Freeman had a strong rapport previously. It's tough to say what went into the disparate touchdown-to-interception ratio last season. The Bucs suffered through a tough season overall.

The fact that Winslow's knee prevents him from practicing extensively could make it tougher for him to develop a rapport with his new quarterbacks in Seattle. But I've heard some players, including New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, say it's tough to develop a real rapport outside game situations. Winslow hasn't missed games in recent seasons.

"What happens in a game when things that you prepared for, all of a sudden you get a different technique or something that maybe that hasn't happened before occurs?" Manning said during Super Bowl week. "Can you tell by their body language, by the stem of their route, exactly what they are going to do? You have to scramble or move in the pocket and the timing is a little off, how are they going to react to those situations?"